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Local COVID-19 Info & Resources (Ann Arbor)

ALERT: COVID reopening slowed. Wearing masks mandatory
  • AAPS Meal Distribution ongoing, drive-up added. Fall program starts 9/3
  • EMU move-in delayed until 9/20, classes online until 9/20

Michigan reopening is paused for its COVID-19 state of emergency. Rates of illness and death are going up. You MUST STILL wear a mask if you go out, and MUST keep at least 6 feet apart. Of the over 113,000 infected by the deadly coronavirus in Michigan, 1 in 16 infected or over 6,750 have died. 10,000 are still sick.

Phased reopening: Phase 4 locally

A phased reopening has started. Near hotspots, this area is one of the last reopening. Everyone going out must wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. To keep reopening, depends on this. Grocery and most stores are open. Child day camps, libraries, restaurants reopened at 50% of indoor aynd outdoor seating, bars are now restricted to outdoor seating only due to new spikes at bars. Friday 2pm to Sunday 8pm, Ann Arbor is closing downtown streets to help. Locally, indoor gyms, theaters, sports venues, travel camps are closed indefinitely as COVID cases and deaths begin to climb again.

If you traveled, please get tested. There have been outbreaks in other parts of the state and other states.

Signs of the virus are a cough, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, high fever, congestion, or rash. It can spread in all stages of infection, even with no signs. It’s unknown why it varies so much. No signs or a lingering cold can quickly change to unexpected deaths in healthy people. New data shows children can get a serious inflammatory illness. The Detroit area is one of the most infected.

Free Screenings for Signs of COVID-19

Free screenings for signs of COVID-19 online with eCare call backs. Follow up at Fever and Respiratory Clinics

COVID-19 Testing Sites

Local COVID-19 are listed here. Some sites require you meet certain conditions, others don’t.

Please bear with us as we continue to make updates.

What To Do If You Get Sick

Paid Leave and Unemployment Information (Federal, State, U of M)

Government COVID-19 sites

Absent Voter Ballot Application

Free Meals for ALL Children

Free multi-day TOGO meals are given out for ALL kids under 18 and kids with special needs under 26 at 11:00am – 12:30pm on the Tuesdays and Fridays at spots in the City like the Green Baxter and Arrowwood Community Centers. Kids or family can pick up. If you can’t get there, or for dietary needs, call 994-2265. Meals for other school districts.

Families in the reduced or free school program were sent $193.80 per K-12 student for March/April, and $182.40 for May/June on Bridge EBT cards (grocery cash card.) Apply here for the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Food and Essentials

If you can’t find help, call the United Way. Dial 211 or 734-971-8200 Email:

Groceries and Essentials: Many stores have started offering special hours for customers at high risk of severe disease with COVID-19

Free meals, Food banks: 

Hand Sanitizer


  • Water: The City has restored water to prior shutoffs and will maintain service.
  • Electricity & Gas: Contact DTE to stop shutoffs for non-payment 1-800-477-4747
  • SOS Community Services can connect you with utilities assistance

Free and $10 Comcast internet for Low Income customers

All comcast xfinitywifi wireless internet hotspots are free. New low income customers can get free internet for 2 months. Current low income customers can get internet for $10 a month.

Ann Arbor Public Schools

AAPS COVID-19 school updates. Free meals for all kids, see below. School resumes online 9/8. Choose between two school class connected options, virtual only or with return to school when campus reopens, or virtual only. For any tech issues, contact the AAPS ITD HelpDesk (for parents) at 734-997-1222 If your student needs internet, a tablet, or laptop, please complete the tech survey. Free or low cost internet for AAPS families

Fever and Respiratory Clinics To Treat Signs of COVID-19 

IHA has repurposed some urgent care clinics to treat patients with signs of COVID-19 at separate Fever and Respiratory ClinicsIf you have signs, please do their free online screening before going to an Urgent Care clinic. People who have seen Michigan Medicine (U of M) doctors within the past 24 months can call their health care providers to be connected with the Michigan Medicine Patient COVID line. St. Joes is offering drive through testing.

Suspected illnesses at IHA pediatric clinics are being split by time of day.

Sliding Scale or Free Health Care Clinics

Hospitals and Urgent Care

U of M: The U of M and Mott’s Children Emergency Departments are open. Hospitals are allowing one visitor, no non-patient children. Check the Michigan Medicine link to see if your clinic has video or online care, curbside testing, or is rescheduling. Only one needed driver, caregiver, or parent of a child under 18, can come long with a patient. E-visits, the online portal, and call-ins are encouraged. 

St Joe’s: Emergency Room is open. Only one hospital visitor for special circumstances. No sick or at risk non-patient visitors or children under 14. Public programs have been cancelled.

IHA: All urgent care patients undergo free screening for signs of COVID-19. Those with signs are referred to separate Fever and Respiratory Clinics. Some primary care and urgent care locations have closed. 

Mental Health

Those with immediate mental health emergencies should call 911.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty coping with COVID-19 related stress, anxiety, sadness, or depression, call:

  • National Disaster Distress Hotline:  1-800-985-5990, TTY 1-800-846-8517, or text TalkWithUs to 66746
  • Teens and young adults can call Ozone House: (734) 662-2222 any time
  • County Crisis Services: 734-544-3050, mental health crisis alternative to the ER 
  • Washtenaw Community College students can call: 866-227-3834
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools – contact your school principal for school counselors and peer counseling

Workplace Information

  • Some businesses are reopening and workers are returning to work, however many are still working from home. Federal COVID paid leave, COVID FMLA, UM COVID time, rules are still available through December 31.
  • U of M: Units are starting to return to work for essential services only. All employee who can work from home are encouraged to make work arrangements to do so. Any sick employee should still self-quarantine and seek care. A one time bank of 80 hours of paid time off per employee is being granted for illness, self-quarantine, isolationist on, child care, or similar purposes. It is also for those employees who have been sent home but can not work from home. This is available through December 31stMore info
  • Michigan Medicine: Employees are expected to follow procedures for protective precautions. More info on the internal web site.
  • The U of M Emergency Call Center is open for non-medical COVID-19 questions related to the U-M. Weekdays 8am – 5pm at (877) 763-3040

College Students

  • U of M: The campus is re-opening for the fall, but offering a full complement of online undergraduate courses. Students should quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to campus. All students MUST be tested for COVID before their arrival. Students who test positive will be housed separately until they are cleared. More info: U of M COVID Blueprint for Housing
  • Washtenaw Community College: Fall semester starts August 31st and will be online for all classes except classes requiring in-person labs (hybrid classes). Students will only be allowed on campus for lab portions of their class.
  • Eastern Michigan University: Fall Move-in has been delayed until 9/17. All classes will be online until 9/20. Eastern plans to resume in-person on 9/20 as conditions permit, with precautions. EMU Weekly updates