Donations to Nixon Area Alliance, 3565 Foxhunt Drive, Ann Arbor MI 48105 734.369.2348

General Meeting: Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nixon Area Alliance Meeting: Sunday, November 22, at 6:30 pm
Barclay Park Clubhouse – 2710 Barclay Way, just off of Nixon Road

The Agenda Includes:

  • Logan School area flooding and water issues
  • Action on the state water resource permit for fixes to  water problems and displaced wildlife from Toll Brother’s North Oaks site
  • Nixon Area Traffic, Pedestrian Safety, Accessibility, DOJ Investigation of Nixon Roundabout Design
  • Protection of Endangered Trumpeter Swans from Development Impacts

== SUCCESS! Park and Wetland Lake that is Home to Trumpeter Swans Saved ==

The City bought a 27 acre park nearby, largely due to the efforts of of Nixon Area Alliance and its member neighbors joined with Barclay Park. Negotiations led the developer, BRE Nixon to sell the wetland lake and nearby land as a park. It is home to much wildlife including Trumpeter Swans, which nest and raise young there. The park is east of Nixon Road, connected to Oakwoods Nature area, north of Barclay Park and east of Arbor Hills.

== Logan Area Water Issues from Toll Brothers Development ==

Since construction started, Logan School grounds and the properties nearby have repeatedly been flooded with water, silt, and soil from the Toll Brothers Nixon Farms/North Oaks and it’s gotten worse. For months, Toll has not fixed this and we expect more problems without changes to building plans. Since the City has not been able to get these changes, we have been working to get the building plans changed and protections for surrounding communities by action on the state water permit.

Please come to our meeting on 1/22 and support efforts to get this fixed.