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NAA initiates A2SafeWater campaign on Lead in School Water

The A2SafeWater campaign is being initiated to address lead found in the drinking water at many Ann Arbor Public Schools. Although the lead was discovered over a year ago, the school district did not act upon the information until this fall when advocates like ours learned of it and pressed the school board for action. Lead levels range up to 320ppb, which is 64 times the state action level. School drinking sources with lead are still being identified, and many just now being turned off, as the consulting firm failed to identify the high levels of lead.

To get kids safe water immediately, some of us have been supplying classrooms with lead removal filtration supplies and bottled water.  Lead removal filters in pitchers, dispensers, and faucet filters remove 99.6% of the lead in water are quick, easy to use, more accessible and less costly than the hydration stations. (Donations can also be made by info on the Donations page.) [paypal_donation_button align=”center”] Estimated costs:

  • Pitcher with removal filter for small groups or classes:$30
  • Dispenser with lead removal filter for classrooms: $40
  • Faucet filter unit with lead removal filter: $50

Independent tests are needed because the improper testing methods used by Arch Environmental can artificially lower results.

County lead water test: $15 per sample

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