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Success Stories


Trumpeter Swan Wetland Preservation and Parkland

The City purchased of over 25 acres of high quality parkland, originating from the advocacy efforts of the Nixon Area Alliance and its membership to preserve pristine woodlands and wetlands in northeast Ann Arbor. The large contiguous wetland lake complex is an established breeding site of the endangered Trumpeter Swan and provide habitat for species of concern like the Eastern Box Turtle and Osprey. It is home to a highly diverse population of wildlife including an abundance of waterfowl, frogs, toads, turtles, fish. The wetlands and water courses are part of the ecologically valuable headwaters of the Traver Creek Watershed, and supply crucial oxygenation and nutrients on the water to the rest of the watershed. The wetlands provide filtration, break down biological and chemical pollutants, reduce sedimentation and soil erosion, and other essential functions for the preservation of one of Ann Arbor’s last clean water sources. The parkland is connected to Oakwoods Nature Area and forms one of the largest tracts of parkland in the City of Ann Arbor.


City Projects

The Nixon Area Alliance has on a number of occasions organized efforts to protect the public interest on a number of City projects including the Green Road Resurfacing Project and the City Council Approval of the funding for the Nixon Corridor Transportation Study.