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COVID-19 Workplace

Local Workplace Information

  • All places of work are ordered by the state to have their employees continue to work from home if they can. Business may resume operations except local entertainment venues, indoor gyms, salons, and other restrictions under Phase 4. Exceptions still remain for health care, food and medications, essential public safety and services, payroll, and basic business operations declared before March 31st for those venues.
  • Employers must supply workers with appropriate PPE under OSHA regulations. OSHA published a Preparing Workplaces for COVID report.
  • Workers are still covered under Federal Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA for COVID-19 until December 31st this year.
  • Expanded state unemployment now covers self-employed and gig workers. Apply online for unemployment benefits through the state Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA.)
  • The US Small Business Agency is offering relief loans with fast turn around, debt relief. Initial delays are reportedly resolved.
  • University of Michigan Employees: Any sick employee should self-quarantine and seek care. U of M Employees have a number banks of paid time off for COVID-19 for illness, self-quarantine, isolation orders, for medical risks (must be HCP ordered), child care, or similar purposes. Some apply to employees who’ve been sent home but can’t work from home. This is effective until December 31st and does not apply to employees hired after June 6th. More details are available on the U of M HR web site
    • Federal Paid sick leave (2weeks)
    • A one time bank of 80 hours of paid time off per UM employee
    • Regular PTO/sick time
    • Short term sick/disability
    • Emergency Family Medical Leave Act
  • Michigan Medicine: Employees are expected to follow procedures for protective precautions (PPE). Units determine workplace status. More info on the internal web site. Legally, employers must provide PPE, but with shortages, employees are legally allowed to bring in their own. Many Michigan Medicine employees are exempt from the order to work from home, but are eligible for the same leave options as University of Michigan Employees listed above. Healthcare providers are expected to be tested for signs of COVID-19.
  • The U of M Emergency Call Center is open for non-medical COVID-19 questions related to the U-M. Weekdays 8am – 5pm at (877) 763-3040